SRB Elite Filter set including filters….not lee or nisi

SRB Elite Filter set including filters....not lee or nisi

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Easy-release clip system for attaching and detaching the Elite Adaptor Rings
Use up to two 84mm (P size) filters at one time
Screw-centre feature eliminates all forms of light seepage when using the Elite ND1000 & Elite 6-stop
Rotating mechanism lets you achieve your desired polariser when using the Elite polarizer



lens compatibility
The Elite Holder is designed to fit standard lenses, although may still be compatible with some wide-angle lenses depending on lens diameter. The holder will work down to a focal length of 22mm until vignetting appears, although working focal lengths may vary depending on the optical design of the lens. If using an Elite filter, a  higher focal length may be required depending on the optical design of the lens.



What you will get is


P size Elite Filter holder


77mm,72mm and 67mm Filter rings


Elite ND1000 screw in filter to fit the adapter 


Elite Polariser screw in filter to fit the adapter 10 stop ND square filter6 Stop square filter


4 Stop square filter


3 Stop square filter


2 Stop square filter2,3,4 Stop Hard grad filters2 and 3 Stop soft grad filters1 Sunset grad filterall items come boxed or in padded pouches. 
Note the ND filters are Glass and the Grads are resin.In total when new over 250The last 2 photos are taken using the filters.All items are in excellent condition with no scratches or chips only light wear marks on the edges of the filter as this happen when you slide the filters in the Holder.
You can check prices and read about the filters at
One thing to note is I have never noticed and colour cast using these filters and the only reason for sale is I now shot a lot of wide angle so I have gone to a larger system but would have stuck with SRB if they did a larger system. 

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