Rolleicord VB TLR Medium Format Camera Schnieder Xenar Lens f3.5 75mm Mint Cond.

Rolleicord VB TLR Medium Format Camera Schnieder Xenar Lens f3.5 75mm Mint Cond.

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This listing is in excellent mechanical condition and is aesthetically unmarked. The enamelled lettering is bright and perfectly intact. The coating of the lens is in optimal condition. The movement of the focus ring is free and smooth likewise is the interlocking aperture ring but with the desirable click as you pass through each increment. No play in any moving parts what-so- ever. This is the 3rd and latest version of the Rolleicord VB. This particular camera was manufactured in 1974.
In some respects Rollei was the Apple Inc. of its time. The company became known not only for creating the best Twin Lens Reflex cameras but also for releasing product enhancements on a yearly basis for decades. A photographer only needs to look toward several basic design principles to uncover Rolleis recipe for success:Focusing is a walk in the park. The viewfinder is large and bright. Composing first and then dialling in the focus is a very effective methodology. This is the opposite of how you shoot with say a Nikon F3 where by you would first lock in focus on a particular area and then compose. Overall, this feels like a much more streamlined process.It really is a pleasure to shoot 6×6 ratio with a Rolleicord. If you havent worked with this format in the past your mind will find that shooting square makes it much easier to fill the frame for maximum impact.With 6×6 comes twelve frames. This enables you to make sure that each shot counts but you will also grant you the flexibility to bracket exposures. Youll find that your keeper to non-keeper ratio will be higher than when shooting 35mm and ultimately you might even determine that square is preferred. Whisper quiet Synchro Compur leaf shutter perfect for street photography featuring a speed range of 1 to 1/500 sec. flash sync at all speeds. The shutter speeds on this particular item have been thoroughly tested and are all performing accurately. Taylor-Marriott Photographic prides itself on only selling the best of the best.10 second self timer located near the viewing lens. Simply push the lever down to the position labeled V to cock the timer. The 10-second countdown will only begin after firing the shutter. For the purposes of the self-timer disregard the X and M positions near the lever as they pertain to flash sync.Folding hood that can be taken off exposing the viewing screen for easy maintenance or even a complete swap. This screen is the revised version and is significantly brighter than the ground glass used in Rolleiflex models. A magnifier is also built into the folding hood and is essential to focus with waist level finder systems.Inner female bayonet mount. If acquiring an original Rollei filter, which by the way are extremely well constructed, you will need a Type II filter as it is made to fit the Rolleicords Xenar f3.5 lens. Third party B-30 and Bay 1 filters will also work on the Rolleicord Vb.There is a nifty double exposure feature located near the viewing lens but on the opposite side of the self-timer. When the lever is in the up position the Rolleicord protects the photographer from accidental multiple exposures by not allowing the shutter to fire more than once per frame. You can shoot multiple exposures by placing the lever in the down position. While in this position a red dot on the cameras body will become visible to serve as a reminder that the film does not need to be advanced to fire the shutter. Naturally we recommend leaving this lever in the up position and engaging it only on an as needed basis. The camera has no light meter and is fully mechanical. In other words, it will never let you down. Why worry about batteries when you can either use the sunny 16 rule or carry along a hand held light meter.The Rolleicord is pleasantly ergonomic and very compact at 10.0 x 9.9 x 14.2 cm in size, weighing in at 940g.TLRs in general are highly attractive bits of kit. The original Rolleicord design from 1933 was so strong that all subsequent Cord models dont look or operate radically different from the original design.An ingenious feature on the Cord is the method used for locking exposure settings. The aperture is managed through a tiny lever on the right side of the taking lens while the shutter speed is handled through a similarly styled lever on the left side of the lens. Once the two are set they become locked together so that the user can make aperture or shutter changes without the need for recalculation..The Rolleicord VB has some serious glass, identical to that used on the Flex models. With identical results the two cameras are therefore equally as capable as one another. The Schnieder Heidomat viewing lens and Schnieder Xenar f3.5 photographing lens cannot be argued with and produce astonishing sharp punchy results. 75mm medium format lens is basically the equivalent of a 43.5mm lens on a 35mm body.As you can see from the description above this is an excellent camera. If you are looking to pick up a TLR or even just a medium format film camera that wont break the bank but at the same time doesnt sacrifice on quality then the Rolleicord VB fills a sweet spot for you. In acquiring a Rollei you will join a community of countless photographers that have gone before you. The following usage information will prove to be insightful should you add this serious and fun camera to your collection.All Items listed are fully refurbished, tested and functional. You may rest assured with Taylor-Marriotts 30 day guarantee on all items. Free postage on this item.

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