RICOH THETA V 360 Degree Spherical Camera – Metallic Grey – unboxed never used

RICOH THETA V 360 Degree Spherical Camera - Metallic Grey - unboxed never used

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An unboxed and never been used RICOH THETA V 360 Degree Spherical Camera.


4K compatible high resolution 360 degrees video and high-resolution 360 degrees spherical still images360 degrees spatial audio recordingThree axis gyro sensors and three axis acceleration sensorsSupport for 4K 360 degrees live streaming outputBluetooth and wireless LAN dual communication. Recording medium: Internal memory(Approx. 19GB)
Ricoh’s Theta V utilises their years of technology experience to create a seamless, 4K dual lens, 360-degree camera. With a slender design, it’s real easy to carry around to capture the world around you in incredible quality. Theta V produces high quality, 360-degree stills that equate to 14 megapixels, with a newly developed algorithm implemented to give you a low-noise photograph with an incredibly high resolution, so that when you zoom in to point something out that you might have missed, the quality doesn’t take a nosedive. 

Video comes out at 4K (3840×1920) and 30FPS, the Thetha V can also stream out live 4K video when connected to a PC. With a built in 4-channel microphone, your 360-degree video comes to life, so when your audience begin to explore around the 360 space, the audio matches rather than just one input capturing the whole area. 

This can even be enhanced with Theta’s joint partnership with Audio Technica, which has produced the 3D Microphone TA-1. It sits on the base of the camera, can be mounted on a tripod just like the Theta V and still use the USB input for charging if needed. The TA-1 further enhances your audio of the Theta V, bringing even more realistic sounds to your footage. 

The thing that sets the Theta V apart from everyone else is the open source nature of the hardware. Those with the knowhow can develop and publish online their tweaks or alternate uses for the Theta V for everyone to access and download. Launching this spring, all manner of plug-ins will be developed by the community to improve the experience with the Theta V over the magnificent one already available right now.

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