Olympus OM10 35mm SLR, 28-70mm Lens, Manual Adaptor, Working, New Seals Fitted

Olympus OM10 35mm SLR,  28-70mm Lens, Manual Adaptor, Working, New Seals Fitted

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An Olympus OM10 manual focus 35mm SLR, with its hard to find manual adaptor and a Miranda 28-70 zoom lens. The OM10 has aperture priority automatic exposure, with the shutter speed displayed in the finder. The manual adaptor provides metered manual mode. It’s a well built camera in traditional Olympus style, with a metal chassis and a bright easy to use focusing screen.



The camera is in full working order, light seals and mirror bumper have been replaced and cosmetic condition is reasonable with signs of moderate to heavy use. No obvious dents or scratches, but noticeable wear above the strap lugs. The shutter operates correctly on all speeds, whether on auto or as selected bythe manual adaptor. Shutter curtains look fine.The viewfinder is bright and clear apart from the inevitable dust specks, not too distracting in use. The flash shoe works. I’ve run a scrap film through and the film advance, rewind and frame counter all work properly, as does the self timer.



The exposure metering works but overexposes by 2 stops compared with my digital meter. This is very common in older cameras in my experience. It is correctable by adjusting the ISO, for example for a 200 ISO film, set it to 800. Some photographers prefer to overexpose colour print film.


The Miranda lens is in good condition. Zoom and focus actions are smooth and the 8 blade aperture operates correctly and snappily. It has a useful macro position. I can’t see any haze or fungus but here’s a average amount of internal dust, most unlikely to affect image quality.


With a nice Olympus wide strap and a Miranda lens cap.

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