Nikon D750 24.3MP DSLR Camera Body Only

Nikon D750 24.3MP DSLR Camera Body Only

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Nikon D750 24.3MP DSLR Camera (Body Only)



This has been a (wedding) workhorse for just over a year, with 143,285 frames on the shutter.



Everything is in good working order, though the mode dial is a little loose and can be knocked round to a new setting. Only found it happen when I’m rushing around at busy time during wedding (I assume when it gets brushed against my body etc), but the rest of the time it’s fine. You’ll also notice immediately, and be able to put it back to the right setting.



A small section of the rubberised grip (pictured) is a little unstuck – it causes no issues, and you could easily re-glue it if you’d like.  



Please note, the camera body comes with original battery, but no charger. As with all D750s, the eyepiece waas very loose, and is no longer present! 



I’d keep using this camera for a good few years, if I wasn’t moving over to video work instead. Loved using it, especially shooting in low light.



I have my other D750 listed too, if you’re interested! 




Postage : Special Delivery, insured up to 1000 OR 1st class un-insured at your own risk.





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