Luger LR 6×18 Binocular ultra light weight

Luger LR 6x18 Binocular ultra light weight

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These binoculars are now just over a year old. I am selling them as I have now taken the plunge and started wearing glasses full time. The eye relief is for people who don’t wear glasses…sigh, so I need a different pair. They are in nearly new condition, even though I have used them a lot, very useful to put in the top pocket of a shirt just in case. As the weight is only 135 grams I hardly notice them even in a light summer shirt. These are the smallest and lightest of the Lugar range but are still waterproof, have bak 4 prisms and fully coated lenses so work very well even in low light conditions. Overall they have impressed me greatly so the new pair will be also made by Luger. Focusing is by the individual eye cups, which takes a bit longer than normal till you get the hang of it, the field of view is quite long so you don’t need to adjust them that often.    

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