Large Joblot of Dark Room Equipment (Mostly Paterson, with Original Boxes)

Large Joblot of Dark Room Equipment (Mostly Paterson, with Original Boxes)

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Joblot Dark Room Equipment (Mostly Paterson, Some with Original Boxed)

A joblot of used darkroom equipment. All in good condition. Some items with their original boxes & instruction leaflets etc.

This huge lot seems to relate to 35mm colour processing and includes:

– 1x Paterson Colour Print Drum
– 1x Paterson Super System 4 Universal Film Developing Tank (with 1 reel / spool)
– 2x Paterson Test Strip Printer (boxed)
– 2x Paterson 150ml Graduate Measure (boxed)
– 2x Paterson (colour) thermometers (with protective sleeves)
– 1x Exposure Calculator
– Various Film Clips and other film handling accessories
– 1x Paterson Single format easel 12.7 x 17.8cm : 5 x 7″ (boxed)
– 1x Paterson Pre-soak Temperature Calculator
– 1x Kodak Ektacolor 78 E Luster Paper (please note this package has been opened and nay no longer be usable or expired but I have included in case it is still usuable – most if not all of the pages are intact inside an unsealed black wrapper)
– Various Paterson Guides & information documents

Ideal starter kit for anyone looking to get started in analogue / film / darkroom photography.

If i can supply any additional photos or information please let me know

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Category: Cameras and Photography:Film Photography:Darkroom and Developing:Processing and Finishing Equip
Location: Portstewart