Isco 111 Anamorphic Lens with Isco UNICOL Ceiling Bracket and mot Cineslide Sled

Isco 111 Anamorphic Lens  with Isco UNICOL Ceiling Bracket and mot Cineslide Sled

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Thanks for viewing our  Isco 111 Anamorphic lens (arguably the worlds best) with the Motorised Cineslide sled.For a true wide-screen cinemascope home theatre experience.This requires an anamorphic ready projector.We are now selling on to refresh stock.New this lens with sled, adaptor rings, Multistand and ceiling bracket Used with our Sim2 Lumis Uno Projector cost 10,900
ISCO (Anamorphic Cinemascope Lens)ISCO produces anamorphic lenses for home theatre use in the same manner that they have been produced for movie theatres around the world.  The idea of bringing all of the projectors light to the screen and not compromising resolution is paramount in todays world of high-definition digital projection technology.CineSlide (Motorised Sled)The advantage of using our 1.33x anamorphic attachments in converting aspect ratios is that they optically decompress 16:9 native format to 2.25:1 Cinemascope format. All of the projectors light and native resolution can then used to create a full-framed image, not unsightly black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. ISCO produces this anamorphic attachment in 1.33xCineslide is the premier anamorphic lens transport system.The CineSlide is designed to do one thing and do it very well. Move an anamorphic lens into and out of the path of a projector. It excels at this task and does it quickly with repeatable, extreme accuracy. Moving the anamorphic lens is no longer the huge inconvenience and distraction in the home theater experience.
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