Gandolfi 10×8 large format camera with 5×4 reducing back and accessories.

Gandolfi 10x8 large format camera with 5x4 reducing back and accessories.

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Gandolfi Camera in Rosewood. 10×8 with a 5×4 reducing back and two uncut lens panels. The camera is in excellent condition with very little use. Included are three 5×4 plastic dark slides; 5×4 polaroid back; electronic cable; a set of movie 100mm square glass colour correction filters which I used to place inside, rear of the lens – these are unmarked: 5B; 5R; 10R; 10B; 5Y; 10Y; one unidentified but looks like 5M and an ND.06. These can be sold separately for 100. Also included are some wratten CC filters, same size – see photo. 



The sale price includes personal delivery in europe as the Camera currently lives in Menorca – unless you fancy a brief holiday, (I have a spare room). Costs of delivery outside of europe will be paid by the purchaser, unless the buy it now price is met.



In 1979 as a budding still life photographer I visited the aged Gandolfi brothers in Peckham and ordered the camera. A piece of wood was shown to me before being placed on a rack. Three or four years later I got the call, ‘Gandolfi here. Your camera is ready’. It had to be immediate collection or it was offered to the next on his list. When I collected it he showed me around the workshop. He had one question, I had to remind him who I had been assisting. He didn’t then need to ask if I knew how to use it. 



He was used to seeing boys like me, one went one of two ways for a camera like this in those days – Deerdorf or Gandolfi. Generally, it depended on who you had been assisting and what his/her kit had been, you usually followed suit. Unless you plumbed for a sinar but that wasn’t a serious option for me. We were the elite, a set apart, producing advertising shots for the most prestigious campaigns. It didn’t get too much use, I had access to other kit. And very quickly I moved into film, giving up stills. 



I’m gutted to have to sell this item but needs must. Is it worth the money – every penny. Tel:+34669659346

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