Canon FD Fit Vivitar 28mm f/2.8 MC Wide Angle Prime Lens, Hood – Slight Fungus

Canon FD Fit Vivitar 28mm f/2.8 MC Wide Angle Prime Lens, Hood - Slight Fungus

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This is a used manually-operated Vivitar 28mm f2.8 lens with Canon FD breech-lock mount. It’s manual focusing with manual or automatic stopdown by the rear pin method. It’s good mechanically and cosmetically, and optically very good apart from slight fungus on the edge of the rear element. I’m supplying it with front and rear caps (not original), a UV filter, a Tamron hood designed for 28mm lenses, and a cloth storage bag.

At 28mm it’s a medium wide lens for a 35mm SLR, a moderate wide lens for a digital camera with an APS-C sensor. It’s compatible with 35mm Canon FD bodies; it can be used on some other bodies with an adapter, but these usually incorporate a corrective lens which impacts image quality. It should work very nicely on Micro 4/3 cameras and other mirrorless SLRs which have short back focal distances and don’t need corrective lenses.

I tested operation on a Canon AL-1 body and everything worked well. Test pictures were taken using a Canon Eos 400D body with FD adapter on a bright winter afternoon; the adapter incorporates a corrective lens. All pictures were taken at f8: Church 230 yards 1/640th sec, Tree 30 yards 1/1600th, Coin and brick bits 7ft 1/400th, plant on edge of roof (10ft) 1/500th, coin in closeup about 9 inches 1/1000th sec.

Vivitar was a badge name used for lenses from many sources. This appears to be more or less identical to 28mm lenses marketed by Miranda, Tokina, Cosina, Helios, Hoya, Mitsuki and many other companies: it seems likely that most of them were made by Tokina, but I can’t be entirely sure. There’s a review of the Pentax version here:

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