40 x 22 Waterproof Day And Night Vision ZOOM Mini Compact Foldable Binoculars AC

40 x 22 Waterproof Day And Night Vision ZOOM Mini Compact Foldable Binoculars AC

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Day And Night Vision 40 x 22 ZOOM Mini Compact Foldable Binoculars 2km/20km UK
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  Enjoy superior image clarity while using this pair of 30×60 binoculars. Use a prism design that ensures clear, bright vision. Ideal for bird watching, excursions and other sporting activities, the binoculars feature a red coating film to improve the transmittance and brightness of the image in low light conditions. This binocular is compact, very comfortable to wear and you can easily store it in a pocket, bag or hang on the waist. It comes with a bag / soft bag and has a rubber cover that covers the entire surface, which is a very useful anti-fall feature. It is suitable for tourism, outdoor sports, climbing, camping, hiking, hunting, bird watching, sports observation, performance observation and daily use of the house .

  * 100% new
  * Ideal for visits and visits, vocal concerts, sports matches, horse races, birds and beasts, camping, climbing, exploring, shooting, fishing and admiring the landscape.
  * With red membrane.
  * With a band, easy to carry
  * Material: Plastic / metal / lens
  * Visibility range: 2000m / 20000m
  * Dimensions: 9.5 x 6 x 4 cm
  * Weight: 155g
  * Color: black

  Package Included:            1 x binoculars with coated green lens (black)    1 x carrying case    1 x lens cloth                               

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