1980s Panasonic WVP-F10 ENG Video Camera With WV-LZ14/8AF 8x Auto Focus Lens

1980s Panasonic WVP-F10 ENG Video Camera With WV-LZ14/8AF 8x Auto Focus Lens

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This item consists of a 1980s Panasonic professional WVP-F10 camera body, WV-LZ14/8AF 8x auto focus lens, WV-VF01 1″ electronic viewfinder and WV-Q43 cheek pad. I’ve also thrown in a spare electronic viewfinder power supply and an original VKD68101016CL Panasonic Service Manual which covers circuit description, adjustment procedures, block diagrams, schematic diagrams, conductor views, wiring diagrams, replacement parts list & exploded views.


The specification is as follows:




Power Source – 12V DC


Power Consumption – 5.7W (min), 18W (max)


Scanning – 625 lines/50 fields/25 frames per second


Pick-up System – Integrated colour mosaic filter single chip CCD system


Pick-up Element – 2/3″, 574 (H) x 581 (V) pixels, interline transfer CCD with colour mosaic filter


Video Output Level – 1.0V p-p PAL composite/75 ohms


Horizontal Resolution (Luminance) – 380 lines at centre


Signal to Noise Ratio (Luminance) – 46 dB


Illumination Required – 1400 lux at F4.0


Required Minimum Illumination – 7 lux at F1.4 lens with +18dB gain-up at 30% Luminance signal




Auto Focus


8x Zoom Ratio


10.5 – 84mm Focal Length


Bayonet Mount




Black & White


This is a lovely camera. The last time it was used was around 2004 and it worked fine but since then I’ve lost the cable so I can’t say for certain that it still works, hence the spares/for parts classification. Please note: this camera sole plate DOES NOT accept the WV-GR12 ENG Camera Shoulder Grip.



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